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We have team of 50 professionals. We write texts, create designs, program, compose and launch digital products which are well-received by audiences and solve customer’s business problems. Today we are partnering with large international brands and actively developing solutions that are unique in the market – a whole sequence of services for online retail.

The opportunity to deliver something of which you will be proud is the best motivation, prompting us to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit within the company. Agency employees launch their own projects and develop them as owners of the product. This teaches us to look at projects from the client’s perspective and focus on the result. Our largest projects – Abitura.pro and RadRussia.com – attract thousands of people because of their well-thought-out editorial policy and high quality content.

We help big brands

We specialize in supporting and promoting large businesses. We work with federal and international brands such as LG, Hyundai, Electrolux, Sennheiser, Lenovo, Colgate-Palmolive. Such companies target a wide audience. Partnering with them demands experience in big data analysis, promotion in foreign markets and special project management.

We understand the challenges of big brands and are able to communicate with a diverse audience. We launch campaigns with coverage of more than 500,000 people and find approaches to customers who live throughout Russia and abroad, for example, in the Persian Gulf.

We understand the customer’s business

Outstaffing helps us quickly grasp the problem. An agency employee temporarily joins the client's digital department. When the project gets going, the employee returns to the agency with established contacts and an understanding of the specifics.

This allows us to quickly study the product and spend less time on correspondence and coordination.

Valuing long-lasting relations

We achieve the best results when we partner with a client for the long-term. This allows us to understand the internal processes of the company, try out new solutions and deliver sales, as opposed to executing a brief. We tackle the immediate challenge while thinking about the benefits for the brand over a 5-year horizon.

Most likely, we will not be able to help with a one-time service, but we will recommend our partners.

Learning and sharing experience

We are invested in team development and organize lectures for our employees and friends. Specialists and agency partners discuss advertising, design, marketing and personal development. These live streams can be accessed via our Facebook page.

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