Even users committed to their favorite brand still make the majority of their purchases on retailer websites. According to Gartner, the number of indirect transactions is as high as 85%. At the same time, in making their choice, 80% of buyers still visit brand sites. The Hatch service helps retain these users and increase the number of direct sales from the vendor site.

How does it work?

Hatch is a service that connects brand websites with online retailer websites and combines various sales channels. With its help, the user, when visiting the vendor's website, is able to see a direct and free path to making an order with all its options. On the brand site, Hatch displays authorized retailers and their nearest stores. To make a purchase, a user just needs to make one click.

Operating principles

1. Unified Affiliate Program

Retailers are authorized in the general network (guaranteed prices and assortment data accuracy).

2. Turn-key automation solutions and custom-made widgets

When executed in the online editor, colors and options can be configured, and the code can be copied to the site and embedded in the page’s code of the page (becoming the sales page) or personalized via live rest API.

3. Displaying the nearest stores on the brand's website (by relevance)

The user visits it, clicks on the selected product, puts it in the basket or picks it up from the retailer.

4. A large variety of service proposals

Interactive dashboard, modern Q-and-A technology, instant addition of purchase options, reviews, and so on.

5. Selectable commission

The absence of a commission policy allows brands to charge only the percentage they need.

What does a vender get with Hatch?

Hatch eliminated the problem of linking the customer to the retailer's website with loyalty programs and cash back, promotions and other methods. The e-commerce site receives a previously ignored source of income, as well as data on the user's path and conversion outside of it. Direct sales increase, high-quality leads are generated.

With Hatch, a vendor enjoys:

  1. Increased conversion and ROI
  2. An Additional sales channel
  3. Transparent sales tracking and detailed reporting for a specific country/region
  4. Ability to evaluate and improve the user's path and, on that basis, adjust media planning, ordering mechanisms
  5. Online formation of affiliate programs
  6. Campaign control and leverage

24ttl. Effective communication between vendor and retailer

24ttl automates communication between vendors and retailers. We will help the manufacturer interact with sellers and turn browsing for products on the brand website into a purchase. Our agency is the Hatch service’s official representative in Russia. With us, you get a full range of technical and consulting support and an effective tool to increase sales, as well as the number of loyal customers.


Can be integrated to any website or app

Has access control feature

Has versatile settings of timeslots and accesses

Can be integrated to CRM via an API

Contains customer feedback feature, traсking of customers' satisfaction and NPS

Why Test-drive Manager?

Secured and accessible

Test-drive Manager uses modern and safe technologies. We store all users' data encrypted and stable system service is our top priority.

Easy to connect

Connect to Test-drive Manager and stark working with it in 10 minutes. No need in long time learning or extra help.

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Cool hunting, trend watching and travel blogging all over Russia.