Choosing a TV


The client

LG Electronics Inc. — a world leader and technological innovator in the field of consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances.

LG Electronics is one of the world's leading manufacturers of flat-panel TVs, smartphones, air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators.

The company was founded in 1958 in South Korea and today employs 77,000 people at 125 branches around the world. Total global sales in 2017 approximately $55.4 billion.

The client problem

LG Electronics is one of the world's leading TV manufacturers. Television production technology has advanced greatly in recent years and continues to evolve.

When deciding to buy a new TV, it is difficult for the customer to figure out its parameters and features all on one’s own. Furthermore, about a third of household appliance and electronics sales in Russia take place online. As such, these consumers have no opportunity to ask sales assistants their questions.

As a manufacturer, it is important for LG Electronics to increase consumer’s knowledge of  their products.

Why the customer chose 24ttl

The 24ttl digital agency has been partnering with LG Electronics since 2014, working on various marketing campaigns and special projects.

We saw a need among customers for information on choosing a television set and proposed launching the “Choosing a TV” special project.  

Project goals

  • Inform users about new technologies used in TVs and their important features
  • Help in selecting a TV from the LG lineup
  • Increase organic traffic to the LG websit


  • Identify the specifications of TVs that users find most important
  • Describe the technologies and features (based on user demands) in an informative and accessible way
  • Demonstrate the differences between various generations of televisions through illustrations, diagrams, videos
  • Choose models of TVs from the LG lineup for each of the specifications (Links should lead to a product card on the LG website. The card should provide the option to buy goods online or choose an offline retailer)


a. Mechanics. Functionality

The project was split into several stages:

1. Analytics. At the outset, we conduct a detailed audience analysis

One of the most popular Internet searches related to household appliances at the time was "Choosing a TV.” There was no clearly structured, comprehensive information on this subject online. We identified precisely those specifications of TVs that are most interesting for users. They were (in descending order): size, resolution, panel type, HDR, etc.

2. Text preparation. A key objective of the project was describing clearly the properties and specifications of TV models

It was imperative to discuss modern technologies appropriately and at the same in a way accessible to readers, while emphasizing the advantages of LG products. Our team thoroughly studied the relevant materials and prepared the texts in collaboration with LG experts.

3. A well-designed layout. Detailed and informative material should not bore the reader

To this end, choosing a proper layout for the text was critical. We “split up” the informative blocks with visual diagrams, colorful photographs, a video clip and interactive content (for example, picture-sliders and a TV size calculator).

b. Special aspects of the project

We structured the text into blocks according to the specifications that are most important for users: size, resolution, panel type, HDR, Smart TV, Sound, PMI, immersive technology.

Each block contains:

  • A detailed description of the specifications
  • Compelling illustrations and / or interactive content
  • A selection of LG models with the relevant specifications

1. Size is one of the most sought-after specifications among consumers

In this block, we cite expert recommendations, such as the best distance from which to watch a TV depending on its size.

All the same, screen size is traditionally expressed as diagonal size in inches — an unusual unit of measurement for Russians. Therefore, we have developed a special calculator that:

  • Recalculates the width and height of the TV in centimeters
  • Shows the recommended viewing distance from the screen
  • Selects an LG TV suited to these parameters

In so doing, we also “diluted” the information block with interactive content.

2. Resolution is determined by the number of points (pixels) that the TV can render. The smaller and more numerous the pixels, the better the picture

We described the difference between HD, Full HD and the increasingly popular UHD 4K. Standard 4K provides the highest quality and a fourfold increase in the number of image elements in comparison with Full HD. We follow up by clearly illustrating this difference.

3. Panel type is the principal factor affecting the quality of image transmission 

There are two types of panels: traditional LED (liquid crystal matrix with LED illumination) and innovative OLED (with a matrix based on organic light-emitting diodes).

We revealed in detail the characteristics of both technologies, highlighting the benefits of the innovative one.

Within OLED TVs, each pixel is a separate organic LED that has the ability to glow independently. These devices feature:

  • Precise color rendering, with over a billion shades, provides a 64-fold improvement over the typical LED
  • Deep black — achieved via the complete deactivation of unused pixels
  • A thin panel — flagship models have a screen less than 3 mm in thickness
  • Dynamic scenes clarity — the image update rate the image on OLED-matrix surpasses the LED indicators by hundreds of times

For convenience in perceiving complex technological information, we embedded videos with detailed stories about the innovations in the text.

We also illustrated the differences between the LED and OLED TVs with a pictorial diagram.

Furthermore, we highlighted the benefits of an important LG innovation - nanocell technology (Nano Cell). This technology provides more accurate color rendering, including when viewed from the side and at any angle, and even maintains picture quality even when the screen is surrounded by different light sources.

4. HDR technology (High Dynamic Range) is a new video signal standard designed specifically for modern UHD TVs

Technically, HDR is a video format that contains not only ultra-high resolution, but also more brightness and color information for each pixel.


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To support it, you need both specially shot and processed video, as well as new-generation TVs, equipped with the necessary capabilities. This section is accompanied by a slider-image that makes it possible to compare HDR and non-HDR images.

5. Smart TV. “Smart” TV delivers internet access capability without a computer

In the Smart TV block, we reveal the features you get with a “smart” TV:

  • Watch movies online
  • Play games
  • Playback video files and music from a USB-drive
  • Use it in tandem with a smartphone (for playback of videos and music, and also to control the TV remotely via the phone)

Furthermore — as to the evolution of Smart TV remotes. In the LG product line, the Magic Remote system functions as the “smart” control system. The device can function as a normal remote control but also as a wireless 3D mouse.

6. Sound. Modern TVs are able to create high-definition surround sound, like that of a movie theater

In this block, we described the LG product line’s flagship LG Dolby Atmos® system, which is based not on playback channels (speakers), but on separate audio devices, creating a true surround sound experience.

We clearly illustrated the differences between traditional sound systems and Dolby Atmos®:

7. PMI Index (Picture Mastering Index). Describes the effectiveness of image processing systems for LG TVs

The image on the TV screen goes through a multi-step improvement process. For example, to increase clarity, the processor may add additional frames, and to increase the contrast in dark scenes, the backlight may be partially turned off. The image PMI index was developed to conveniently assess the TV’s ability to improve the image. The higher the PMI, the better the model, and the more capability it has to improve the image.

8. Immersion technologies. Images on modern TV screens look realistic even without 3D stereo effects

The 3D function is gradually giving way to new technologies, giving the viewer a sense of immersion into the events occurring on the screen. As TV panels growth in width and resolution, as well as with the advent of UHD and 4K high-quality HDR content formats, 3D capability no longer seems crucial. Increased resolution gives the impression of image depth, and a wide dynamic range allows the viewer to enjoy the full range of shades available to the human eye.

‍Platforms & services selected for implementation. Justification for selection preferences

The “Choosing a TV” special project is designed primarily for users carrying out organic search in the network. Therefore, and in order to attract more organic traffic to the LG website, we created a separate landing page dedicated to this topic. Like the LG site itself, the page is adaptable and also available in a mobile version.


The “Choosing a TV” special project proved to be incredibly successful and yielded very good results. At the time of launch, the LG landing page was among the top search engine results for the “Choosing a TV” query. Users spent about 10 minutes on the “Choosing a TV?” page. This is a remarkable long time, considering that the average user spends 1.5-2 minutes on corporate site pages.

Building on this success, we then prepared a number of similar projects for LG on choosing refrigerators, smartphones and karaoke systems.


“We are pleased with our partnership with 24ttl. They have shown themselves to be real experts invested in long-term cooperation. These guys are often ahead of the curve: they propose forward-looking projects and initiatives all on their own.”

Agency Project manager/producer

“We are proud to work with a global leader like LG. As an agency, we are interested in long-term partnership with brands and try to offer our customers the best promotion solutions for the digital space.”