and development



The standard set of SEO services, including website text optimization, elimination of technical errors and placement of external links, is geared towards the technical side of the website, not its content. We prefer to engage with content, revealing the value of the brand using articles, videos, special projects and guides.

Our web products take into account search result algorithms, but we don’t lose sight of what’s most important: our clients serve people, not search bots. The essence of modern SEO is to generate interest among people when they encounter a brand online.

sites support and development

The website is an important platform for brand communication with the audience. To instill confidence and attract new customers, the site must be updated in conjunction with the product. We create new sections, write articles, draw sets of banners and illustrations, prepare promotional materials for partners and monitor statistics.

We have a lot of experience with high-profile brand websites and recognize the difficulties their encounter. It’s not easy to keep track of hundreds of products, different product specifications, and aggregation of reviews. We automate support for high-profile websites using parsers and know how to introduce new tools in a seamless and bug-free way.

With the passage of time, any website require improvement: its set-up imposes software limitations and prevents non-standard solutions. To get around this framework, we study the site and propose corrections to the code, connection of new tools or even the re-assembly of the site from scratch.

corporate media

Modern corporate media should not only contribute to the brand, but also be interesting in its own right. We can help in formulating a useful context and building a publication around it. For example, a home appliance brand could help the reader conveniently and ergonomically equip a home, while a supermarket chain could improve cooking skills.

For materials to be interesting, details need to be understood. We talk with experts, carry out our own trials and only then do the writing. This yields useful articles, videos and reviews, which are based on real experience rather than abstract advice. Readers recognize themselves, feel cared for, and as a result, their trust in the brand grows.

Useful articles and videos increase a brand’s reach - even those who usually gloss over it start talking about the brand. Organic traffic grows, and social signals put the word out to search engines that something interesting is in the works. Thus, one’s own media buoys a brand’s presence in search results.

We are open to new projects and contacts. Write us about your company via e-mail or tell us about it in our cozy office.

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Integrated advertising campaigns

In integrated campaigns, we combine various advertising channels and tools to talk about a new product and attract customers. We draw up a promotional strategy in order to accurately reach the audience and come up with a creative concept and formats so that advertising messages from different channels reinforce each other. We launch ad products and monitor statistics to plan further steps.

Any advertising tool has its limitations. Coverage advertising, paid search and SEO are highly effective ways of promoting brands in the digital space, but with time, the audience stops responding. Therefore, integrated campaigns see us using both familiar tools and new means of grabbing attention: special projects, contests, engaging bloggers.

special projects

A special project is more than a product page. Special projects combine creative presentation, original formats, unusual platforms and scenarios. With them, we circumvent the audience’s advertising filter and generate positive feelings about the brand.

Interactive mechanics are more convincing than words - they introduce you to a product and help you see subtle value. Games entertain and enhance brand awareness, while built-in e-commerce solutions allow manufacturers without an e-commerce presence to sell certain products directly from the promotional page.

Contest activation

Contests increase the coverage of promo pages and special projects. Competitions and prizes draw new people and brand-lovers into the promotional campaign. Participants create their own content - they become brand ambassadors among those they know and bring friends into the game.

Through contests, we establish longer-term contacts with the audience. People return to follow ranking updates and the actions of other players, and each new stage of the competition is an experience for the participants, prompting a new wave of activity.

Engaging bloggers

Native advertising with opinion leaders helps build rapport with a loyal audience - people trust those who they like. Users track new content with interest and heed the recommendations of their favorite bloggers, trying new products and making repeated purchases more often.

Since the audience of each opinion leader is limited, we put together a particular pool of bloggers for each client, Depending on the task and the product, 10 bloggers with an average following can be more effective than a single high-profile blogger, while two or three posts expanding on a topic attract more customers than a one-time publication from top celebrities.

In the case of each opinion leader, we come up with native formats and embed ourselves in the content stream. This kind of advertising looks natural and does not turn off the audience. A perception takes hold of a blogger trusting a brand, and this trust is transferred to subscribers.

We are open to new projects and contacts. Write us about your company via e-mail or tell us about it in our cozy office.

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rapid development

When this is required for the prompt launch of a promotional campaign, we are able to develop websites quickly (from 2 to 4 weeks). Our web-products stand out thanks to their congruity with marketing goals, their technical reliability, and the long-term development possibilities that they offer.

We pursue web-development of all kinds using vivid visual solutions and up-to-date content formats. We know how to reveal the value of a brand to make it memorable for the audience and elicit a positive emotional response.

Customer and business applications

We develop mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as Smart TV applications. We deliver excellent b2b-applications that tackle a variety of business problems. We create popular online services that work in conjunction with CRM and the company’s client base, such as convenient widgets for booking a test drive or entertainment event reservations. This is a great convenience for the audience, a pleasant bit of digital “magic” that simplifies their lives. For business, it automates processes, boosts audience loyalty and grows sales.

Applications have a flaw: significant resources must be spent to get users install them. Often, this problem is cheaper to solve with a mobile version of the site or a chat bot, and we offer app development only when this is justified: when there’s a known body of users, when offline operation is important, or when the functionality needed cannot be delivered via the web.

AV and VR applications, chat bots, neural networks

We love to experiment with new technologies. We integrate technological solutions into the client business process in order to automate routine tasks and save money.

In many ways, making a buying decision to is an emotional process. Therefore, cult brands always seek to access the feelings of their audience: showing rather than telling, engaging rather than convincing. In the world of technology, these tasks are best served by AR and VR, augmented and virtual reality. We develop applications that help businesses deliver its customers a new inspirational experience and turn communication into an exciting game. And if VR is often associated more with a “wow” factor, then AR is a convenient everyday tool. Simply point a smartphone camera at a washing machine in an offline store and view all of its features and reviews via the Internet. This is convenient and quickly becomes a habit. This is something to share with friends and enjoy again and again.

Chat bots are better than websites and applications at handling many tasks. They are perfect in coping with standard tasks: processing a request for an access pass, reporting on the status of a project or processing an order. If the task can be described via a simple dialogue - it should be assigned to a chat bot.

Neural networks are a tool for more complex tasks. Huge arrays of sorted data are needed for their operation. Typically, it is only large companies that can aggregate and process this volume of data. We are already employing a neural network as part of a corporate education project and accumulating expertise.

We are open to new projects and contacts. Write us about your company via e-mail or tell us about it in our cozy office.

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Imagine reducing a customer`s path to one easy step — from your website directly to the product card on the retailer`s website — and the efforts of an entire department are no longer needed to deliver content to online sellers. Automation has made this process quick and error-free.

The efficiency of your marketing budget soars, sales increase, and labor costs decline. This is the result that our tools and services for online retail are geared to deliver.



High quality product card content which increases your sales:

58% conversion rate when product card contains reviews

87% conversion rate after watching a product video

30% of consumers make a purchase decision based on the product card content

Use an effective tool to monitors and analyze your content in e-shops


1. Retail presence

  • Track your metrics and know how your product cards compare to your competitors
  • Compare retail platforms’ efficiency and how your product cards differ across various marketplaces

2. Product catalog

  • Control how all your products are listed
  • Analyze your top products and evaluate the effect of content on sales

3. Product visibility score

  • Analyze how your product is presented in different categories

product video maker

Service for creating product videos:

  • A quick overview of the main advantages of the product
  • Placing on any site — brand, retailer, media
  • Ability to customize the video template


How it works?

  • Creating a product video template consisting of individual scenes
  • Uploading content for each product in the video generation system in one of the ways:
    -     Connect to product feed
    -     Import product information in Excel spreadsheet format
    -     Development of a parser for collecting and structuring product content on the brand's website
  • Creating mp4 video format and downloading for later placement
  • Distribution of video on platforms — brand, retailer, media

content distribution system


Delivering information about a brand’s products to retailer websites is a cumbersome and complicated task. Content must be adapted to the specifications of each retailer and delivered in a convenient way. At the same time, one should always be mindful of what stage the process is in in each case.

This can take entire weeks, and errors and gaps can still be found in product cards on retailer websites. To address this problem, we have developed our own content distribution system.

How does it work?

  • You upload product information in any format
  • We organize it and place it in secure storage
  • We deliver your content to dozens of your retailers in accordance with their standards
  • We set up a convenient information exchange interface for you: a web portal, direct access to your product cards on the retailer’s website via an API or another suitable option



retail sales growth


rich content

Online, customers purchase a representation of the product rather than the product itself. Therefore, it’s important that the product card (both on the brand’s website and that of the retailer) provide the user with maximum information. Furthermore, it should impress, exert itself on the emotional space, and immerse one in the values of the brand. Rich-content, a special array of information about the product which presents it in the most memorable way, does just that.

In our time partnering with big brands, we’ve accumulated a lot of experience in producing rich content and are able to deliver it not only effectively, but also quickly. We design and draw pages, aggregate reviews and testimonials, develop special content formats, and then deliver this content to dozens of retailers via an automated system.

Rich content. What is it?

  • Modern technology that elicits a “wow”-effect: video, AR experiences, a 360° view
  • Thoughtful delivery of information: logical arguments (selling points, reviews, testimonials, bloggers’ input, usage scenarios) presented in an emotive way
  • Increased conversion. Rich-content generates many more sales than traditional formats: when faced with two similar products, users almost always choose the one with better and more comprehensive presentation



conversion growth


sells growth

the “where to buy” service


Up to 85% of online purchases are made on e-retailer websites, with only 15% taking place via the store on the manufacturer's own website. The reason is simple: retailers can offer customers more flexible and attractive purchasing terms: loyalty programs, discounts and promotions, efficient delivery, cashback and much more.

But a real gulf can open up between the brand website and the e-retailer’s platform. Having left the manufacturer’s own website, a consumer may not make it as far as the product card on a retailer’s site, diverting attention to a competing brand. This situation can be remedied via the “Where to Buy” service, which allows the brand’s website to embed direct links to product cards on a retailer’s website.


  • Reduce a customer’s path to one step:
    from the brand website straight to a purchase via an online retailer
  • Track the fact of purchase on the retailer's website
  • Determine retailer display priority within the product card
  • Add your brand shop to the list of stores
  • Collect statistics (which products commonly elicit site visits, which retailers are visited most, who sees the most purchases, where customers live) and analyze the entire sales pipeline
  • Implement the same service for offline stores
  • Enable the “Where to Buy Campaigns” service for end-to-end analytics: identify the most effective customer attraction tools for each product and retailer, calculate campaign ROI and much more



increased retailer site traffic

31 000+

product card visits


product sales


total conversion
(twofold growth)

*In the case of our client — a leading international audio equipment manufacturer


brand zones on retailer websites

Research on a customer’s path from the manufacturer’s website to a purchase shows that the process is often “intercepted” by other brands. On a retailer's website, a consumer sees competing banners everywhere — on the home page, within other sections, in product cards. So as not to lose customers in this struggle with other brands, the manufacturer can create a brand zone – a proprietary space on the retailer’s website.

This can be a one-page landing page, a multi-page promotional catalog, or an entire shop-in-shop — a full-fledged brand microsite embedded in the retailer's site. Creating such products is an expensive and time-consuming process, but we found a way to optimize it, developing a special CMS to simplify content management in brand zones.


  • Promote your brand without interference from competitors
  • Share the advantages of your product in your own unique format, rather than the retailer’s standard layout
  • Differentiate your brand in the competitive environment, attract audience attention
  • Manage your brand zones with different retailers via one channel — our special CMS
  • Use the full range of tools: rich content in product cards, banners, “Recommended Products” widgets, “Sales Leader”, site search.


From 2% to 17%

conversion increased in digital campaigns in several countries

*In the case of our client — a leading international audio equipment manufacturer

and ratings


Before making a purchase, customers will almost without exception read product reviews on third-party sites. Here, they can run into competing offers and forget all about your brand.

To prevent this, we have come up with a service which allows customers to read reviews and view product ratings without leaving your site.


  • Aggregate reviews from various sources
    Save time with automatic collection, block unwanted sources and determine their display priority in the product card.
  • Collect feedback via your own form on the site
    Involve customers in the process of creating new reviews using a convenient interface.
  • Invite customers to express their opinion
    Receive unique feedback and build personalized communication with responsive customers to boost repeat sales.
  • Conduct polls
    Receive recommendations on improving the performance of your company and measure customer satisfaction with a built-in service.



growth in the number of retailer website visits using the “Where to Buy” button


bounce rate reduction

+33 sec

increased time spent on site


Reviews play a crucial role in choosing a product, especially when it comes to technically complex products — household appliances, electronics, sporting goods. Studies show that visiting specialized websites and media outlets where reviews are published is an obligatory step on a customer’s journey.

On these sites, the customer may encounter other brands and forget about your product. To avoid this, he must be given an opportunity to read professional reviews of the product directly on your website - using our aggregation service.


  • Collect reviews from all external resources
  • Import reviews to the product card on the retailer's website
  • Add your own reviews
  • Add video reviews
  • Flexible control panel




growth in the number of retailer website visits using the “Where to Buy” button


bounce rate reduction

+32 sec

increased time spent on site

We are open to new projects and contacts. Write us about your company via e-mail or tell us about it in our cozy office.

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